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Dark Lip Neutralisation


Dark Lip Neutralisation is very much a 'trust the process' type of procedure. It is so important that you choose an artist that has trained in this advanced technique as if the correct process is not performed, it can actually cause the lips to darken further and cause hyper/hypo-pigmentation. Scarlett has undergone advanced training specific to this procedure and has a keen interest in achieving desirable results for her clients.

With melanin rich lips, the darker they are, the more sessions that will be required to neutralise them. This process is performed by using colour theory to target the dark purple/grey/blue/brown hues, using warm colours such as yellows, oranges, reds etc, which counteracts the darkness. During the healing process, the lips will actually darken over the first few weeks, before they begin to lighten. We must wait 6-10 weeks for the lips to fully heal, at which time we will see the true result from the previous session. Once the lips have lightened, if another colour is wanted, then we can go over them using the lip blush technique and add on the target colour, which again may take several sessions to achieve.

Unfortunately melanin will always return, so it is best to come back for a touch up every year or two, to ensure they remain neutralised.

If you are looking into having this done, please reach out and send us an inquiry - we are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

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